School Use Only MacBook Air Checkout Agreement

Cokeville High School

School Use Only

MacBook Air CHECKOUT – Terms of use

  • User is to take appropriate steps to protect the MacBook Air from damage, theft, or unauthorized downloads (e.g. games) and software.
  • Uses are not to let anyone else use the MacBook Air while checkout out to them.
  • Users are to report any problems with the MacBook Air to the library aide and/or technology department.
  • User will follow the internet use agreement, student use agreement, digital citizenship form and electronic device agreement that is signed at the beginning of the school year.
  • Users are never to give out their password or request another person’s password.
  • Users are not to use MacBook Air for non-school related work.
  • Users may not delete or empty their assigned MacBook Air’s history list or temporary Internet files.
  • Users agree to check in the MacBook Air before 4:00 p.m. daily. If the MacBook Air is not returned, the following procedures will occur per school year:

1st warning:  Student will receive a warning and what will occur if additional instances will be reviewed with the student.

2nd warning:  Student will receive a before school or lunch detention.

3rd warning:  Student will receive a before school or lunch detention and parents will be notified.

Additional warnings: Students will receive two additional before school or lunch detention for each occurrence.

  • If a MacBook Air is returned with a broken screen or needs some minor repair, a $125.00 fee will be paid by the user for the 1st time offense. User agrees that if any damage should happen due to negligence or intentional harm to the checked-out MacBook Air, they are fully responsible for the full replacement of the MacBook Air.  If additional damage to MacBook Air student is responsible for full replacement cost.

I have read and understand the above criteria and agree to the terms regarding the use of school MacBook Air.

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