JH Chromebook Checkout


Chromebook Checkout-Terms of Use

Junior high students do not have the same check out system for Chromebook that the high school uses for Mackbook Airs. Instead the Chromebooks are located in the library for class use only. Only the teachers can check out Chromebooks for students. No exceptions will be made. If a student needs to use the Chromebook for class homework during the academic period, they will remain in the library under supervision during that time.

A Chromebook will be assigned to your student for the school year. This alleviates overlapping work from another student and not having access for that class period.

Because this Chromebook is assigned to your student, there are procedures they need to follow in addition to signing the Internet Use Agreement, Student Use Agreement, Digital Citizenship form and Electronic Device Agreement. The Chromebook must be checked out and then checked in by teachers for class use only. If the student keeps the Chromebook and it is not returned, the following procedures will occur per semester:

 1st warning:    Can only use during class periods for one week. Must check in immediately after class.

 2nd warning:    Loss of privileges for one week. Teachers will be notified and make other arrangements.

3rd warning:    Friday school attendance at next scheduled Friday School, where student will write a two-page, single-spaced essay explaining their “Chromebook Responsibility.” Also, student will stay after school, from 4:00-4:30, for one consecutive week where they will take the digital citizenship program.

 Any following warning, the parent (guardian) will be notified and will be asked to come to the school to check out and check in the Chromebook for the specific class for two weeks

If a Chromebook is returned with a broken screen or needs some minor repair, a $50.00 fee will be paid by the user.   User also agrees that if any damage should happen due to negligence or intentional harm to the checked-out Chromebook, they are fully responsible for the full replacement of the device.

I have read, understand, and agree to the above criteria, conditions, and consequences in terms regarding the use of school Chromebooks.   

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Student                                                                      Parent/Guardian

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