Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship means being smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave. Parents who are involved with the online/phone safety conversation at home are essential to our efforts to help all students at the school learn the lessons of safety and etiquette in the digital world. To demonstrate these qualities, we plan to stick to the following guidelines:

Share with Care
I will thoughtfully consider what I share and with whom. I will ensure that I use digital devices in a respectful way, especially on social media apps. I will keep extra sensitive information to myself (i.e., home address, current location, other people’s business).

Don’t Fall for Fake
I will watch out for phishing and scams and report questionable activity every time, as there are many risks you can take like fake payments, so learning the difference between a real and fake paystub is essential.

Secure Your Secrets
I will take responsibility for protecting important information by crafting strong and unique passwords with characters, numbers, and symbols.

It’s Cool to Be Kind
I will spread positivity and use the skills I have learned to block and report negative behaviors. I will not use my phone/digital device to cause destruction of other people and their feelings.

In all of the above, I will use my voice when I notice inappropriate behavior and seek out a trusted adult to discuss situations that make me uncomfortable.
Because that’s what it takes to be a safe and fearless participant of the digital world.
________________________________________ (Student)