Activity Parent Reminder

Dear Parent or Guardian,
With the sports season and school events upon us, I would like to ask your support in these simple reminders to help keep our school activities safe.
1. Children must attend activities with a responsible person.
2. Children must be in the gym or auditorium watching and supporting the event, not playing in the hallways. Children found running or playing will be asked to return and sit with parent or guardian they came with.
3. Children may go eat a snack in the designated area then return to watch the event.
4. We ask that children have appropriate parent supervision at all times.
One other reminder: Please show CHS CLASSY and your support by cheering our team on positively, and letting refs ref; coaches coach; and players play.
CHS encourages families and our community to attend events and activities, we need help keeping it a safe and positive environment for all attending.
Thank you for your support.
Kenneth Dietz
Principal – Cokeville School