Alternate Transportation Request

Cokeville High School

Alternate Transport Request


  1. Students who are transported to an event with a team or group will return with the team or group.  The following exceptions may apply. 


A student may be released to his/her parent(s) by having prior WRITTEN notice on file in the office 24 hours prior to departure, or face-to-face contact with the coach or advisor following the event. 

  • Students may be released to a person other than parent only if all four conditions listed below are met.
    1. The parent must make a written request to the athletic director or principal naming the person that is to be responsible for the student 24 hours prior to initial departure of team/group.
    2. The parent must make direct contact, phone or in person, with the athletic director or principal. (The athletic director or principal will agree or disagree with the request at the time of personal contact.)
    3. The party to whom the student is to be release MUST be 21 or older.
    4. The student will be released ONLY after a face-to-face contact with the coach, student and approved responsible party.


  • Team/coach will NOT wait for responsible party to arrive.
  • Under NO circumstances will a student leave the school provided transportation without the knowledge and approval of a member of the coaching/advising staff.
  • Written request must be made and on file 24 hours prior to departure for any release to a person other than a parent or guardian.



Alternate Transport Request Permission


I, __________________________Parent/Legal guardian of ______________________________

Request permission to have _______________________________take my child with them after                                

___________________________(date & event).  I agree to hold harmless and release Cokeville High School, Lincoln Co. #2, Administrators, Board Members, Coaches and Staff Members from all liability that may result from this action and further release all parties specified above from their duty to provide safe transport home from this event.  By signing this agreement, I accept all responsibility for the safe transport home of the above named student.



Parent/Legal Guardian Signature                                                                   Date



School Official Approving This Request                                                          Date