2019-2020 School Goals

2019-2020 – CHS/CJHS Goals

#1 Goal: By the end of the school year, Cokeville High School will prepare all students for success at the next level by ensuring all students will improve or maintain current levels of performance in all areas of content(English, Mathematics, Reading, Science), as measure by the state assessments (WYTOPP,  & ACT Suite)
* Increase their love of reading as measured by library check out, meeting English class reading, outside of classroom reading … observations and surveys.

* Provide additional ACT practice … Once a week during Academic Support. 9-11 ACT practice during regular classroom periods-Core areas. ACT Night for parents and students. Use of Kahn Academy for addition practice.

* Improve content literacy by reading across curriculum … classroom performance and demonstration/observation.

* Regular PLC meetings focusing on individual and group of students’ performance data to determine needs. Across all curriculums … CBA’s, WYTOPP, and ACT Suite.

#2 Goal: By the end of the school year, Cokeville High School will prepare all students for success at the next level by working to ensure students are given the opportunity to know and understand the natural positive and negative consequences of their choices, (Being CLASSSYY) by developing a 1-5 year (working/continual) growth plan, then monitor progress yearly with parents and school representative. 
* Opportunities to visit post high school opportunities to develop interest.

* Office Referral Numbers.  Student/Teacher Referrals of CLASSSYY.

* All 9th-12th graders will have counsel to develop a 1-5 year growth plan…that will meet current educational plans and post high school plans. Capstone for seniors.

* Yearly monitoring meeting with school, student and a parent.

* In reading groups or academic support (daily), Journal or discuss choices and natural consequence experienced.(monthly)

2019-2020 Bell Schedule

19-20 Bell Schedule:  (8 periods @ 48 min EA.)
8:00 – 8:45                     1 Hour
8:52 – 9:40                      2nd Hour
9:44 -10:32                     3rd Hour
10:36-11:24                    4th Hour
11:24-11:54                    One – Lunch
11:58-12:46                    5th Hour
12:50-1:38                      6th Hour
1:42-2:30                       7th Hour
2:34-3:22                       8th Hour
3:26-3:55                       Academic Support
**Practices 4 pm to 6:05 pm
**Buses depart school at 6:15