WWCC Dual Enrollment Information

WWCC Dual Enrollment Contract

Cokeville High/WWCC Dual Enrollment

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Meet all WWCC entrance/registration requirements
  2. Currently a Junior or Senior at CHS
  3. Achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.5
  4. Achieved a GPA of 3.7 within the content area of the course taken.
  5. Receive a satisfactory recommendation from the CHS faculty.
  6. ACT score for English is 20 in both reading and writing
  7. ACT score for Math is 23

Student Obligations:

  1. Participate in a parent/student conference with a school representative. (4/23/19)
  2. Agree to be responsible for providing all necessary technology beyond school hours/CHS computer lab. We recommend that students provide their own laptops. The school has a limited amount to of laptops and it is on a first come first serve basis.
  3. Student assumes all responsibility for the resolution of all scheduling conflicts that might occur between WWCC course requirements and CHS activities. (ie. CHS game schedule and WWCC mid-term exam).
  4. All dual enrollment courses will be taken during the hour of the coinciding CHS course, or preapproved location and time by school administrator.
  5. In the event that a student chooses to drop a dual enrollment course, the student will be enrolled in the coinciding CHS course, transfer the current grade earned, and be responsible to repay all monies spent on the course.
  6. The WWCC grade earned will be the grade reflected on the student’s CHS transcript.
  7. Only course tuitions that meet LCSD#2 CORE(English, Math, & History) graduation requirements will be paid by CHS or any tuition that matches WWCC tuition.
  8. If your student turns 18 during course time, communication will turn to the student only. Because of FERPA.
  9. (NEW-2017-18) All books and additional fees will be paid by the student.
  10. Students enrolled in a dual enrollment course agree to abide by all CHS attendance and Truancy policies as contained in the student handbook.
  11. If a student receives a final grade of “C” or lower, student is responsible for paying WWCC for tuition and fees.

I have read and agree to the terms outlined above:

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Student___________________________________________________               Date__________________