New Requirements from WHSAA for Winter Activities

New Requirements From WHSAA: 
Parents and fans of Cokeville School activities.  Thank you so much for your support and help during our fall/winter seasons. It has truly been great to see our kids compete and have an opportunity to participate in the areas they enjoy.  We will be doing our best to follow the current Covid guidelines that WHSAA sent out on November 16th.  We would ask that you as parents and fans please follow these guidelines when you are in attendance here at our home events or when you go to another community.  Your help is needed to complete our season and to help support the high school season that is upcoming.  Please feel free to call the high school with any questions you may have.

  • Social Distancing-Each school district will operate student activities in a way that maximizes social distancing, use of face coverings, and appropriate hygiene measures. For athletics and activities, face coverings must always be worn by coaches, staff, officials, parents, and spectators while in the building. Players and participants should refrain from wearing face coverings during strenuous activity.


  • Spectators-Different households must physically distance from other households while watching events. Face coverings must always be worn while in the building. Face coverings must be worn regardless of social distancing and/or sitting with immediate family members. Schools should consider limiting spectators to immediate family members or parents, if required, to allow social distancing and space. Schools will develop a plan to include visiting spectators in the total number of spectators allowed by the current health orders and directives.